Portable and Foldable Anti-Mosquito Net

Portable and Foldable Anti-Mosquito Net

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ūü§©¬†¬†Say goodbye to mosquito bites!

Finally, you and your family can have peaceful nights of sleep, and a rest as you deserve. We know how unpleasant it is to be woken up by the buzz of mosquitoes, and how irritating the itchy bites the next day!

ūüĎȬ†Much more than an¬†easy to carry¬†mosquito¬†net¬†¬†, the¬†Portable Mosquito Net¬†is your ticket to sleep in peace!

With it, you can bring peace to your sleep wherever you travel. Furthermore, we know that a protected child is the relief of the parents, right?


It is recommended because:

  • ‚úÖ Prevent¬†¬†mosquitoes¬†efficiently;
  • ‚úÖ Take care of those you love and¬†prevent diseases caused by mosquitoes¬†;
  • Leve¬†¬†Light design¬†so as not to harm the visual environment;
  • ‚úÖ¬†¬†Easy to carry¬†anywhere;
  • ‚úÖ¬†¬†Made of¬†¬†100%¬†resistant and breathable¬†polyester¬†;¬†
  • ‚úÖ P¬†ara¬†adults or children¬†with sensitive skin or allergies to stings.


It is easy to store and can be stored when not in use, maintaining the decoration you prefer in your environment. It is very suitable for you to take on your travels and avoid unforeseen events with mosquitoes, as it is foldable, super easy to fit in any space!


Type 1: Portable Network

Product size: 160x450cm

Type 2: Portable Foldable Hammock 122x66

Product size: 122 x 66
Ideal Size for Children and Babies

Type 3: Portable and Foldable Network  160x190

Product size: 160 x 190 cm
Ideal Size for Adults