Prank Scare Box [Version 2020]
Prank Scare Box [Version 2020]
Prank Scare Box [Version 2020]
Prank Scare Box [Version 2020]

Prank Scare Box [Version 2020]

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**Extremely High Demands NOW!**

80% of customers bought the Set of 2

Startles and Scares even the Most Stoic Funny and Easy to Use.

Just set it out and let Curiosity Take Over.

Everyone Loves a Little Harmless Prank and a Wiggly Rubber Spider.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving - He he!

***More fun with 2 variants***
The Scare Gift Box is Hilarious!
Perfect for you, or any practical joker you know. Kids, parents, grandparents, bosses, employees. It is absolutely hilarious to watch people open the scare box, knowing what is about to happen!
Perfect for Parties or Anytime!
Each scare box is made with love and care, knowing that each one is destined for a life of laughter, startles, and harmless fun!
Easy to Use!
Just hand the box to someone and they will naturally want to slide the top open to see what is inside. When they do, out jumps a creepy wiggly rubber spider (mouse)! Or, place the Scare Box on a counter or side table and let people discover it on their own.
Scare Boxes Make Great Gifts!
Fun, inexpensive, and unique! Let the chuckles, snorts, giggles, and laughs begin!